Applying for a Grant

General Information for all applicants

FSEEF offers grants to community organizations and to F-S school system. Grants will be reviewed QUARTERLY during the school year.  Information regarding grant details are in the downloadable grant application with the link at the top of this page. The format outlined in the application must be followed, and Grant Applications must be electronically submitted in PDF form to

Details are critical–especially in the budgeting component. Grants are awarded based on innovation, need, number of learners impacted, etc. and should be aligned with the applicant organization’s mission and fit FSEEF’s mission as well. Please allow 4 to 6 weeks for notification on grant award.

Specific Information for Simpson County Schools
Grant applicants from the school system must have principal/supervisor approval and school board approval PRIOR to submitting to FSEEF. FSEEF staff must receive grant applications before 2:00 p.m. on the “grant deadline day.” We will no longer consider grants that are pending board approval. Please plan ahead and obtain board approval prior to submitting your proposal to the FSEEF. Specific dates for Board of Education meetings, FSEEF board meetings, and deadlines are included in application packet.

Specific Information for Community Organizations
Grant applications from community organizations must have approval from its board of directors PRIOR to submitting to FSEEF. FSEEF staff must receive grant applications before 2:00 p.m. on the “grant deadline day.” We will no longer consider grants that are pending board approval.

In an effort to streamline the grant process,
please note these IMPORTANT CONSIDERATIONS for completing your proposal:

  • FSEEF funds learner-directed projects.  Applicants should not submit for previously purchased items, travel, training, “bricks and mortar,” or salaries UNLESS it can be justified clearly and completely as an integral part of the project.
  • Applicants must follow the format outlined in the application packet. A completed, typed cover sheet must be included in addition to narrative portion which addresses A-D in outline included in grant packet.  Failure to submit a complete application will result in application being returned for revision to meet the established guidelines and will delay consideration until next cycle.
  • Out of fairness to all applicants, FSEEF board members and/or employees should not be asked to review application prior to submission.
  • Applications will be reviewed in order received.  Early submission is encouraged.


Grant Report Form

All grant recipients are REQUIRED to complete a Grant Report Form after completion of their project/program. Receipts should be attached to Report Form to provide proof of expenditures.


Grant applications will be compiled and reviewed on a quarterly basis as indicated below.

FSEEF 2017
Grant Review Meetings

Deadline for Submission
2:00 p.m.

2017 Simpson County Schools

Board of Education Meeting Dates*

Saturday, March 12

Friday, March 3

Thursday, 16 Feb 2017

Monday, April 24

Friday, April 14

 Thursday, 16 March 2017

Monday, September 25

Friday, September 15

 Thursday, 17 Aug 2017

Monday, November 27

Friday, November 17

Thursday, 19 Oct 2017

*Board of Education meeting dates are subject to change. They are published on the Simpson County Schools website so visit  to verify meeting dates.

**Applications submitted by Simpson County Schools personnel MUST have board of education approval PRIOR to submission to FSEEF. Contact Julie Traughber at the Central Office to have approval of your application included on the board agenda.  Central Office will need a copy of your proposal to be signed by the superintendent after board approval. 

  • Community organizations must have the signature of board of directors president or his/her designee. Applicant is then responsible for submitting the SIGNED proposal to FSEEF. 

 Allow a 3-4 week review period.  All applicants will be contacted within one week of grant review meeting.   

We encourage you to contact us at 586-8018, with any questions, comments, or concerns.