KYTC Civil Engineering Scholarship

From their website:
In 2017, the deadline to apply was February 1st.

The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet Civil Engineering Scholarship Program began in 1948. Currently there are 80 scholarship openings each year and they are filled with returning students and new students. KYTC awards 10-20 scholarships to new students each year who are either attending or planning to attend the University of Kentucky (UK), Western Kentucky University (WKU), or University of Louisville J. B. Speed School of Engineering (UofL) to obtain a Bachelors of Science in Civil Engineering (BSCE). Students may also attend pre-engineering courses at Kentucky State University (KSU), Kentucky Community and Technical College System, or other Kentucky state colleges or universities, and then finish their Bachelors of Science in Civil Engineering at UK, WKU, or UofL.

All scholarship recipients must be graduates of an accredited Kentucky high school, or high school graduates who are residents of Kentucky, and must meet the admission requirements of the university and its respective engineering department. It is anticipated that successful applicants for scholarships will have qualifications considerably higher than the minimum required for acceptance into the Department of Engineering.
Students who have completed at least 10 semester hours of acceptable work in mathematics, physics, and chemistry at another school are considered to be transfer students and are evaluated under different criteria. Such students should contact the Department of Engineering directly for further information on requirements for admission to the program.

The Civil Engineering Scholarship can be worth over $51,000! Some of the benefits during and after completion of the Scholarship Program are:

4-year scholarship
$6,200/semester for freshmen and sophomores
$6,600/semester for juniors and seniors
Job placement after graduation
A potentially rewarding and lucrative career