Jane Ross

Jane Ross Named Excellent Educator

The Franklin-Simpson Educational Excellence Foundation



Jane Ross

Attendance/Record Clerk

Mrs. Ross’ nomination included the following parent comment:  “Ms. Jane was the first person we met when we came into Simpson Elementary on Friday before President’s Day.  She took the time to walk us through the school after hours and gave us the paperwork needed to enroll my son.  She advised us to come back on Monday, even though it was a holiday.  She said everyone would be there for a meeting.  We arrived and Ms. Jane showed us around the school again.  She was so friendly and pleasant!  She has always been informative of any questions I may have, and I think she does a good job as an office worker.  They are the first people you meet when entering a school.  They are all so nice and friendly at Simpson Elementary, but I feel Ms. Jane goes above and beyond, and I have never known when she was not feeling good, having a bad day, or otherwise you never see or hear it in her!!  Therefore I would like to nominate her and give her a BIG THANK YOU for her friendly courteous self.”

Mrs. Ross has been involved with public education for the past eighteen years.  She has been the Attendance/Record Clerk at Simpson Elementary School for all of those eighteen years.  Her duties include recording student daily attendance, maintaining student records, enrolling new students, and helping students, parents, teachers, and administrators in many and varied ways!!

Mrs. Ross was born and raised in Franklin, KY.  She is the daughter of James Mooneyhan.  She likes working with the kids at Simpson Elementary.  She says, “They are sweet, loving, and trusting at this age, so it is fun to just talk to them!  But to have them give you random hugs while you are walking down the hall and have them trust you, is something special!!!”

Mrs. Ross is married to Tim Ross.  She has five children:  Brandon McCreary, Nick Ross, Jack Ross, Sam Ross, and Tammy Rykal.  She also has one grandson, Brett Rykal.  In her free time she loves spending time with her family!!

Thank you, Jane Ross, for your superb dedication to the Students of Simpson County during the past 18 years.  Simpson County Schools are stronger today because of administrative staff like you!!