Triscilla Harding Selected as Excellent Educator 12.12.13


Meet Triscilla Harding, FSEEF Excellent Educator! 

Ms. Harding’s nomination included the following parental comment:  “Ms. Harding always goes above to ensure my son is receiving the best education SES has to offer!”   This current year marks her eighth year teaching, and she has taught all of these eight years in Simpson County.  She teaches 2nd Grade and is also working with the Talent Pool Program at SES this year.  Prior to being hired to teach full time, she was a substitute teacher in Simpson County for four years while getting certified for teaching.


Ms. Harding grew up in the Sunshine State, specifically in Silver Springs, Florida.  She received her BS Degree in Business from the University Of Florida, a BS Degree in Elementary Education from Western Kentucky University, and her Masters in Reading Literacy from Walden University. 


She states that one of the favorite parts of her job is simply the children.  She commented, “When I see things through their eyes, I enjoy life so much more.  I get excited when they get what I am teaching and make connections.” 


Even though Ms. Harding has no children of her own, she gets to share her life and love with 22 to 24 new students every single year.  In her spare time, Ms. Harding enjoys music, performing with the local community theater, photography, traveling, gardening, and her pets.  


Thank you, Triscilla Harding,  for your dedication to Simpson County students!!