Excellent Educator Candice Stolt – Oct 2013

9-27-13 027The Franklin-Simpson Educational Excellence Foundation



Candice Stolt

Kindergarten Resource Room Teacher

Mrs. Alford’s nomination included the following parental comment:  “Ms. Candy takes the time to help those who truly need more help than others.  She cares about students’ educational and emotional needs and lets the students know she cares about them.”  Ms. Candy works hard daily to ensure her students are in an environment that fosters learning and lots of creativity.

Mrs. Stolt has been involved with public education for 29 years.  Twenty-five of those years she has been in the Simpson County School District.  She currently is a Kindergarten Resource Room Teacher. In addition, she has been a Preschool Teacher at Simpson County Preschool.

Mrs. Stolt was born in Mankato, Minnesota.  She attended Minnesota State University in Mankato where she received her BS degree in Elementary Education. Special Education, and Kindergarten.  She earned her Interdisciplinary Early Childhood Education degree while attending Western Kentucky University.  In addition, she has earned her National Board for Professional Teaching Standards (NBCT).

She states that, “Helping my students become the best they can be” is her favorite part of her career.  She loves providing ideas to parents to help them encourage their children to learn.  She loves being called “Ms. Candy” by her students and families.  She is so glad to have been here to serve them, and Simpson County has benefited tremendously from her hard work and dedication through the years.

Mrs. Stolt is married to Gary Stolt.  They have two children, Karen King and Tim Stolt.  Karen’s husband is Shane King and Tim’s wife is Carmen.  They are blessed with two grandchildren, Julia, 4 years old and Jackson, 7 months old.

In her free time, Ms. Candy enjoys biking, skiing, and walking.  She likes to walk in 5K races.  She also enjoys reading and spending time with friends and family – especially the grandchildren.

Her motto is: “Greet every family and child with a smile on your face and a song of hope in your voice.”  Through the years, Ms. Candy has truly lived up to that motto.  Wouldn’t the world be a much better place if we all had that as our personal motto?

Thank you, Ms. Candy, for your dedication to Simpson County students!!