FSEEF partners with U of L Alumni to provide funding for campus visit 4.20.11

FSHS has a new “College Coach” through the AmeriCorps program. The coach assists students with the selection, application, financial aid, scholarship and transition into college life. Erica LaMarche contacted FSEEF in search of funds to provide a visit to the University of Louisville campus for 20-25 FSHS students. FSEEF board members went into action and contacted several U of L alumni to begin securing funds for this trip. Thank you to Chris Puffer of Money Concepts (Louisville KY) for putting us in contact with Carolee Allen at the U of L alumni relations office. As the networking began, FSEEF secured funds from Key Oil Co. in Franklin and from Barton Darrell (Bowling Green) to cover the $500 transportation expenses. FSEEF would like to thank Key Oil Co. and Mr. Darrell for their willingness to support both FSEEF and FSHS students. Without their support, the University of Louisville would not be a post-secondary option for many FSHS students.