Clark and Nancy Bradley Pearson in Alumni Spotlight 2.1.11

Clark and Nancy Lee Bradley Pearson are the newest feature in Alumni Spotlight. Clark (1990) and Nancy Lee (1992) have been married 6 1/2 years and have two children: Bradley Andrew (5) and Katherine Wesley (2). They currently reside in Auburn, Alabama where Clark is the head football trainer for the Auburn University Tiger Football program and Nancy Lee is a part-time preschool teacher. Clark was instrumental in keeping the athletes healthy and on the field on their journey to the BCS Championship Title in January, 2011!

Clark attended University of Kentucky and University of Oklahoma earning a BA in Sports Management and Masters in Human Relations. He came to Auburn University by way of University of Wisconsin (head football athletic trainer) and University of Oklahoma (head baseball athletic trainer and assistant football trainer). Nancy Lee attended Western Kentucky University where she was a member of Alpha Delta Pi and received a BS in Therapeutic Recreation and Childhood Development. The entire family is involved with Parkway Baptist Church.

When asked about fond memories of FSHS, Nancy Lee said, ” I remember growing up and going to the float site with my mom Ann Harris Bradley since I was old enough to walk. I have always loved being a part of the traditions of FSHS with my parents. In high school, I cheered for the best basketball team ever and going to state my senior year. I remember having my dad (Jerry Bradley) hold me up like a cheerleader. I love the homecoming parades, prom and all the dances and friends I grew up with.

Clark recalls…”Hanging out with friends at Pizza Doctor, cruising McDonald’s playing sports and being part of a very tight-knit class of 1990.

Clark and Nancy still hold memories of FSHS and their hometown close to their hearts and return to Franklin for many events including this weekend’s basketball homecoming. Clark’s parents Helen and LJ Pearson still reside in Franklin and are active supporters of the Franklin community. Thanks to Clark and Nancy Lee for their continued support of all things “Franklin-Simpson.”

Clark and Nancy Lee Pearson along with their children Kate and Bradley and their moms Ann Harris Bradley and Helen Pearson during their time in Arizona for the BCS Championship.