Beth Ann Beasley Chaney–ALUMNI SPOTLIGHT 1.16.11

Congratulations to Beth Ann Beasley Chaney, the Franklin-Simpson Alumni Association’s FIRST honoree in the ALUMNI SPOTLIGHT! Beth Ann is a 1971 graduate of Franklin-Simpson High School and has been married to John Chaney for 39 years! They have two children Mary Beth Bennett and Max Chaney (both F-S graduates) and four grandchildren–Max (junior at FSHS), Amanda (Sophomore at FSHS), Chloe and Parker (future FSHS Wildcats).

After graduating from FSHS, Beth Ann attended Auburn University, Jacksonville State University, and Western Kentucky University where she earned both BS and MS in elementary education. Though retired now, Beth Ann taught elementary students in the Simpson County School System for 25 years spending her first year as a first grade teacher and the next 24 teaching second grade. She laughingly adds that her current occupation is part-time babysitter for her grandson. Beth Ann is actively involved in the Franklin-Simpson community through the Methodist Church, Franklin-Simpson Quarterback Club, Jazzercise, and the Franklin-Simpson Alumni Association. She is a huge WILDCAT fan, and has the loudest blue cowbell in Simpson County.

When asked about her fondest memories of Franklin-Simpson High School, she couldn’t name just one…So, here goes!

F-S band from 8th grade to senior year and being drum majorette and student council president.
Tutoring elementary students with Mary Sue White Moody and sneaking to Frosty Freeze to get a coke while we were out.
Cooking flaming bananas at WKU and Jackie Mayes and I couldn’t get the match to light!
Mrs. Copas’ French class and Mrs. Pierce’s Latin class…
When Student Council passed a rule that girls could wear slacks if the weather was below 20 degrees. Every morning students would call Mrs. Brooks and Mr. Moody to see if it was cold enough to wear slacks. We were really excited to be able to wear slacks in the cold weather!
Pep rallies, football games, and basketball games. The place was almost always full.

All of high school was a a great memory. I loved it and would do it over in a heartbeat! I believe what made it so fun was being involved in so many different things.

When asked why her family showed so much support for the F-S Alumni Association, Beth Ann answered…”We want to keep up a great school system and the alumni association does a lot to help with this. They use our money to help out students and other things at school.”

Congratulations, Beth Ann Beasley Chaney, F-S ALUMNI ASSOCIATION’s first ALUMNI SPOTLIGHT!!!

Beth Ann Beasley Chaney --F-S ALUMNI ASSOCIATION ALUMNI SPOTLIGHT--along with her husband John Chaney